Is It a Ghost or Swamp Lights?

Carol Nicholson, Ph.D.

The subject of an afterlife and ghosts has a universal appeal that transcends time and culture. This book is one of the best ghost hunting books that sheds light on the topic while simultaneously offering some practical advice for living in this world with the limited number of hours we have left. The author’s journey through his own personal experiences will help others who are also seeking to understand the supernatural. It is hoped that it may be helpful to those who believe they see or hear something beyond our physical reality. In addition – perhaps more importantly – there is no better way than reading about someone else’s experience to gain perspective from another angle. If you are experiencing paranormal activity in your life, please know that it is not always due to evil spirits or malicious intent. Some things simply cannot be explained by science alone. So, if you love exploring books on paranormal activities and ghost hunting, then this can be your next best choice.


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